DVD Lending Library

NOTICE: Please note that licensees who check out DVDs from the Oklahoma Land Title Association lending library MUST view the DVD under the supervision of an approved OLTA instructor. An affidavit will be emailed to you that must be completed by the instructor and returned within five business days of viewing.  DVDs available for check out are listed below in alphabetical order.  The fee for rental is indicated by membership.  All of the DVDs have been approved for licensed title insurance agent continuing education credit.  Please contact the OLTA office via email at Admin@OklahomaLandTitle.com or at 405-293-4753 for details.

“Advanced Abstractors School – The Lost Art of Abstracting, Painting the Whole Picture”
This advanced school offers abstractors an overview of the history of abstracting as well as an opportunity to gain more knowledge through an in-depth study of legal descriptions and appurtenances as well as compiling court cases.
Four hours of General Title credit.
REF: 1009180 Cost: Members $100 Non-Members $200.

“Avoiding Titanic Losses”
This course provides information on ways to avoid insurance claims and ethical business practices to aid in claims reduction.
3 hours of CE credit including, 1 hour of General Title credit and 2 hours of Ethics Credit.
REF: 1022780 Cost: Members $75 Non-Members $150.

“Basic Closing 101”
This is a great course in teaching the BASIC principles of the entire closing process.  Beginner closers and processors will benefit from this course.  Topics covered are: overview of closing process; closing terminology; types of closings; real estate contract; order and review of title work; third party services; closing instructions; HUD1; closing documents; to the closing table; funding/disbursement; post closing/shipping and escrow accounting.
Six hours of General Title credit.
REF:  1012983 Cost:  Members $150 Non-Members $300.00.

“Basic Title Insurance For Closers”
This is a great course in teaching the BASIC principles of title insurance process.  Beginner closers and processors will benefit from this course.  Topics covered are: overview of title insurance; Oklahoma statutes & rules; fiduciary responsibility; legal descriptions; real estate ownership and methods of conveyance; title insurance terms and concepts; title insurance policies; claims prevention and fraud & forgery.
Eight hours of credit including 5 General, 2 Ethics, 1 Legislative Update.
REF:  1018176 Cost:  Members $200 Non-Members $400.00.

“Closing From Purgatory and Beyond”
Our favorite closer, Lily Beth and back and now owns her own title agency. With all of the changes from the CFPB, Lily Beth and crew receive a visit from the guiding angels showing them the way through the new requirements.
4 hours of credit including 2 hours of Legislative Update and 2 hours of Ethics credit.
REF: 1022454 Cost: Members $100.00 Non-members $200.00.

“Earth, Wind, Fire, Water & Ethics”
Presented at the 2011 Annual Convention, this course covers the topics of Survey, Mechanic’s Liens & Easement Coverage (Earth), Wind Farms (Wind), Indian Titles (Fire), Water Rights, Riparian, Rivers (Water), and Ethics.
Four total hours of credit – 3 hours General Title & 1 hour Ethics
REF: 1017112 Cost: Members: $100 Non-Members $200.

“Everything an Owner Wants To Know – ‘Privacy Laws’ and ‘Dormant Funds'”
If you want to gain new information on updated privacy laws to better understand your responsibilities as a title insurance agent and advisor, this DVD is for you.  Patrick Malone of Fidelity National Title specifically addresses the risks of dormant funds from the closing and how it affects the title insurance policy, plus explains claims that arise from dormant funds in the escrow account. (Presented at the OLTA 2008 Annual Convention.)
Two hours of General Title credit.
REF:  1004176 Cost:  Members $50 Non-Members $100.00.

“Fraud and Consequences”
“Companies don’t go to prison, executives do!!”  Jerome Mayne, a nationally known author, humorous public keynote speaker and convicted felon tells his riveting story.  He delivers his serious message on corporate ethics with much intensity, but adds an edge of humor.  Mr. Mayne discusses fraud, consequences of committing, breach of ethical code, conspiracy, federal criminal code, along with title and mortgage industry fraud. (Presented at the OLTA 2008 Annual Convention.)
Two hours of Ethics credit.
REF:  1004238 Cost:  Members $50.00 Non-Members $100.00.

“Fraud Prevention, Remote Corporate Captures, Sweep Accounts”
Want to learn more about bank fraud cases:  how to protect your company, ACH debit blocks and filters, positive pay and SafeCheq? Keith Parsons, Scott Smith and Pam Short from the Bank of Oklahoma will also demonstrate a remote corporate capture and discuss sweep accounts: mutual fund sweeps, offshore sweeps and repurchase sweeps, plus self-directed investments. (Presented at the OLTA 2008 Annual Convention.)
One hour of Ethics credit.
REF: 1004175 Cost: Members $25.00 Non-Members $75.00.

“Insuring Leasehold and Easement Estates”
This DVD presented by Lisa Beville, Regional Training Coordinator for Fidelity National Title Group, provides a basic overview on insuring leasehold estates and easement estates, and it likely will be a refresher for many seasoned abstractors, examining attorneys, closers and policy preparers.
One hour of General Title credit.
REF:  1016683 Cost: Members $25.00 Non-Members $50.00.

“Relationship Dynamics: How to be a better partner”
Presented by Anne Anastasi, CLPT, Troon Management, Inc.  Learn about relationship dynamics, how the title industry has changed, and how to be a better partner.
One hour of General Title credit.
REF:  59073 Cost: Members $25.00 Non-Members $50.00.

“What Went Wrong: Lessons from 10 Claims”
Originally presented at the 2014 OLTA Convention, instructor Nancy Rogers with Old Republic Title presents 10 real world claims and how they could have been prevented.
One hour of Ethics credit.
REF: 1019622 Cost: Members $25.00 Non-members $50.00.