CE Course Offerings

Please follow these steps to complete your CE online:

  1. CHOOSE the course you would like to take. (Remember you have to earn 12 hours of general credit, 2 hours of legislative credit and 1 hour of ethics credit every two years.)
  2. CLICK the link for the desired course and WATCH the video. Any manager or supervisor in your company’s office is able to act as a proctor and can sign the affidavit. You will no longer need an “OLTA approved instructor” to monitor the watching of these videos.
  3. DOWNLOAD the Affidavit by clicking HERE, fill it out and return it to us via email (admin@oklahomalandtitle.com) or fax (866-593-3730). NOTE: It must be returned within five business days of viewing.
  4. PAY the course fees via Paypal by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. Or mail a check to OLTA (PO Box 1544, Oklahoma City, OK 73101).

NOTE: NO Affidavits will be processed until payment for the course has been received. Once all required documentation (signed affidavit and payment) has been received, we will submit the course completions to the Oklahoma Insurance Department for credit.

For questions, please contact April Mosley at admin@oklahomalandtitle.com or 405-293-4753.

COURSE NAME (Hours Credit) – member cost/non-member cost:

2017 ALTA Update (1 Hour Legislative) – $25/$50

2016 ALTA Update (1 Hour Legislative) – $25/$50

Advanced Closing School (a/k/a Intermediate Abstractors School – The Lost Art of Abstracting) (8 Hours General) – $200/$400

Alphabet Soup: Employment Law for Abstractors (1 Hour General) – $25/$50

Avoiding a Dream House Nightmare (1 Hour General) – $25/$50

Avoiding Titanic Losses (2 Hours Ethics/1 Hour General) – $75/$150

Basic Closing 101 (6 Hours General) – $150/$300

Cancellation of Manufactured Home Titles (1 Hour General) – $25/$50

Closing From Purgatory and Beyond (2 Hours Ethics/2 Hours Legislative) – $100/$200

Effective Legislative Advocacy (1 Hour General) – $25/$50

Ethics and the Story of Joe Smith, Attorney and Title Agent (1 Hours Ethics) – $25/$50

Everything an Owner Wants to Know about Privacy Laws and Dormant Funds  (2 Hours General) – $50/$100

Fraud & Consequences (2 Hours Ethics) – $50/$100

Fraud Prevention, Remote Corporate Captures, Swap Accounts (1 Hour Ethics) – $25/$50

Native American Lands: Issues Involved in Insuring Oklahoma Indian Land Titles (1 Hour General) – $25/$50

Navigating Challenging Times (1 Hour General) – $25/$50

Password: Escrow Fraud Awareness (1 Hour Ethics) – $25/$50

Pictionary: The New ALTA/NSPS Survey Guidelines (1 Hour General) – $25/$50

Semper Paratus – Disaster Preparation (1 Hour Ethics) – $25/$50

The Final Rule (1 Hour General) – $25/$50

The Power of Strategy (4 Hours General) – $100/$200

The Principles of Business (1 Hour General) – $25/$50

Title Standards Update (1 Hour General) – $25/$50

What Went Wrong: Lessons from 10 Claims (1 Hour Ethics) – $25/$50

What Would You Do: Mechanics and Materialmens Liens (1 Hour General) – $25/$50

Number of Hours